Interests the App

Direct Brains has worked on developing and designing Interests the App with a personalised touch. With the team of enthusiasts, we have incorporated the best features where users can plan to meet up and have real experiences and fun. This is the best application to meet like-minded people based on your passion and interest. Some of the features we have worked on-

  • Submit your bio with interests and find matches
  • Text chat and meet up scheduling is available
  • Find a list of matches and view profiles of your nearest one
  • Facilitates direct search with names or brands

Project Overview

Interest the App is a leading Social Community Based Application that lets users find and meet new people that interest them. This application is an easy and safe way to build a career network, discover a community based on your preferences and hobbies and start texting to make a lasting friendship. The main objective behind this application is to build authentic connections through meaningful group experiences.

Our team has developed and designed the mobile application for Interest the App where the profile of the user is never public. Secondly, we have incorporated a dynamic algorithm that generates a similar interest group as per your searches. So download the app and build true friendship in your own unique way.